French Girl


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26% · 19 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 5.3/10 10 1053 1.1K

Plot summary

Sweet Gordon, an affable English teacher in Brooklyn, has beaten the odds; a French Girl has fallen in love with him and he’s fallen even harder back. But their future is thrown into limbo when she interviews for an executive chef position in her hometown of Quebec City. To Gordon’s dismay her future boss also happens to be her former lover, a celebrity Chef with oceanic eyes and a hit TV show. Good luck Gordon.

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Top cast

Vanessa Hudgens as Ruby Collins
William Fichtner as Peter Kinsky
Zach Braff as Gordon Kinski
Evelyne Brochu as Sophie Tremblay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joelle-jeremie 8 / 10

Good writing and genuinely funny

Admittedly a bit niche if no subtitles are available, but for someone like me, a bilingual Québec native, this was pure candy. I enjoyed this thoroughly! It's a written, well executed, light hearted comedy. It also highlights the caliber of fantastic actors that are produced in Quebec. Everyone in this movie is extremely solid even in the context of what I assume is a "made for America" movie. Will this win and Oscar? No. Will you have a good time watching it? Yes. Is that the point of a comedy? Absolutely. I laughed out loud many times! It's cute and played with genuine sincerity. If you come in rooting for yourself to like it, you will. Zach Braff is so much fun to watch and so is the québécois cast. Luc Picard (the dad) is a master. I say, give it a chance and you might be very pleasantly surprised.

Reviewed by troopers_rico 10 / 10

Don't listen the haters : the whole room was having fun.

What a nice surprise. The entire theater was laughing for the duration of the film. Good jokes, great story, the actors are pleasant, really a great experience and a comedy to watch again.

What a great way to show the beautiful Québec city. The chemistry between the actors is also amazing. Don't trust the haters, it's a great comedy and the whole room enjoyed it. Abimé

The cast is brilliant, each having their moment to shine. The jokes are well structured and delivered, the sense of comedy is on point.

The film offers a beautiful representation and beautiful images of Quebec City without missing its chance to present certain assumed clichés. It's a true love letter to the city and you can feel it from start to finish.

Reviewed by PennyReviews 6 / 10

Good Enough

'' French Girl '' is a romantic comedy about a man who follows his French Canadian girlfriend back to Canada, where he meets her parents and her ex who tries to get between them.

Surprisingly, the movie is not that bad. It has some funny moments, it is romantic enough to be believable, and it has an interesting concept. Yes, it is not original, as plenty rom coms were founded on the basis of meeting the parents or even having a cultural shock when they do due to their cultural differences. And yet, this one manages to be subbtle and funny.

On the other hand, there were some rushed moments and the ending was just okay.

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